Fossicking blue mountains

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Fossicking blue mountains

Oberon sounds interesting but I can find few reviews for stuff beyond for hotels and Jenolan caves. It sounds like you can go to the tourist center and they will tell you where to go and rent you what you need to go fossicking and mushrooming no I wouldnt eat any of them-just take pics. It sounds cool, along with the caves and the farmers market on the first saturday and birding opportunities-but then I wonder if the town just has a great website? Has anyone visited and maybe done any of the above mentioned things beyond visiting the Jenolan caves?

I was planning on basing in Katoomba and just driving to the caves as a day trip but kind of wonder if a nite or two in Oberon is justified?

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Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for being a part of the Tripadvisor travel community! Look, to be honest, Oberon has a great website. It's not exactly the most charismatic village in the area. You hear about Jenolan because Jenolan really is the star attraction and more than worthy of an international visitor's time.

Most internationals and indeed locals choose to move on to another more spectacular destination.

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Then again, it is well known for mushrooming in season so if that is really what you want to do, there's no reason why not. I'm not sure what you mean by the birding opportunities. If you're after a break in somewhere tiny or off the beaten track, there's a few contenders in the general area.

fossicking and birding and mushrooming in Oberon - Blue Mountains Forum

Sofala is pretty special or you could look at Carcoar, or Millthorpe. I'm also quite fond of Portland. Sofala is an original Gold rush village. Quite unique and the Turon River trickles nearby and is a delightful spot for a break or fossick. If you were thinking of add ons to Jenolan, Sofala is a good deal further to go though.

They are claiming attractions that are over two hours away. So basically they are marketing themselves as a good central place to stop close to lots of things.I've been interested in fossicking for a couple of years now and have finally decided to take the plunge and get myself some gear for my birthday next month.

I'm incredibly excited to start and basically know nothing! I've started researching what I need and places I can go to get started. I was wondering if anyone had some very beginner tips or could direct me where to look for information.

Also if there is anywhere close to Picton that I could go to practice panning and get some technique before I do a bit of a bigger trip. Thank you for all the information that has been shared on these forums already, it is invaluable! Welcome, Sorry I don't know any places near Picton. You can still get a few colours in Sunny Corner, not sure if that is the closest to you.

Welcome to this hobby. What sort of gear are you looking at? What are you planning on fossicking for and what are your fossicking goals? Which means driving.

The Shoalhaven River is only a few hrs drive from Picton or if you cross over the Blue Mountains there are a lot of options around Bathurst or Oberon.

Oallen Ford is about a 2hr drive. My tip for panning is watch YouTube videos. I used to practise panning in a plastic tub and then re-pan the tailings until I was sure I wasn't losing any gold. You can also throw 3 bits of lead shot into your pan and then if your technique is good you should still have 3 in your pan at the end! Wollongong based. Go to Oallen Ford and do as much research on the Upper Shoalhaven you can without being too nerdy.

I have found gold from fine to small nuggets either side of the "Ford" now also a new high-level bridge.


The shingle also holds gold, as does some of bench gravels to NE and NW of the crossing. Don't expect to make a fortune but you will find gold, plus observe what others do. Plenty of people go there to watch and practice panning. Get yourself a river sluice as well as this speeds up processing in rives and creeks with good water flow. Good luck. SDC plus crevicing, river sluice, panning, etc.

Gold panning and High-banking at Shaolhaven River, NSW, Australia

Forum Sponsors Rules Register Login. You are not logged in. Register to access all forum features. Newbie Joined: 17 July Posts: 1. Newbie 17 July pm Hello everyone!The European settlement at Sydney Coveestablished in after the arrival of the First Fleetgrew rapidly. He sailed for Australia on Wednesday, 1 September with his wife, three children, two servants, an overseer, a few sheep, seed, tools, groceries and clothing.

When he reached Sydney he sold many of these items and made a profit which enabled him to buy eighty head of cattle so that he could breed cattle and sell the meat. He located 1, hectares of land that the government had promised to new settlers as well as forty convict servants and established his farm.

He was also one of the first people to plant grapes in Australia and make wine, for which he was awarded a silver medal and later a gold one from the Royal Society of Arts, London. The town of Blaxland in the Blue Mountains is named after this man.

fossicking blue mountains

William Lawson was born in England where he later trained to become a surveyor. He then migrated to Sydney, Australia, arriving in year He was an officer in the New South Wales Corp and owned land where he then raised many cattle and sheep.

He was invited to join the expedition with Gregory Blaxland. The town of Lawson in the Blue Mountains is also named after him. William Charles Wentworth was born in Australia to his two Irish parents.

In the year ofhe was sent to school in England and returned to Sydney in yearwhere he worked for the governor, Lachlan Macquarie, and was given a land grant of hectares roughly the land size of two average family houses on the Nepean River.

fossicking blue mountains

The town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains is named after him. Gregory Blaxland [10]. Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson led an expedition party, which included four servants, four pack horses and five dogs. The two others, also thought to be convicts, remain unidentified. The group first saw the plains beyond the mountains from Mount York. All three explorers wrote an account of their expedition.

Blaxland was the only one to publish his account, Journal of a Tour of Discovery Across the Blue Mountainswhich he did in during a return visit to England.

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William Wentworth [17]. Lawson, as a trained surveyor, [13] kept detailed notes about the route itself including the distances covered each day, as well as his impressions of the landscape.

He recorded on 22 May:. William Lawson, 22 May [1]. In recognition of the successful crossing, all three explorers were rewarded by Macquarie with a grant of acres of land west of the mountains. Surveyor-General George William Evans was dispatched by Macquarie in November to follow the path taken and travel further to determine the best route to access the arable farmland. The colonial expansion into the lands of the Wiradjuri nation, west of the Blue Mountains, led to the Bathurst war.

Watercolour painting of Campbells Riverby John Lewin It has been claimed that Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson may have carved their initials into the tree now referred to as the Explorers treelocated about 5 kilometres west of Katoomba.Enable All Disable All.

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Search This Blog. All I can remember finding is pieces of black tourmaline, which are everywhere. This is a rough dry area 28km from Inverell, you can take your water or dry sieve. There is no basalt overlying the deposit and granite bedrock surrounds the Tertiary gravels. The granite is remarkable in that it contains a number of potholes of circular shape and its surface appears to be the surface on which the Tertiary sediments were deposited.

The deposit consists of quartz pebbles, cobbles and boulders ranging from 5mm to 0. Many of the quartz boulders contains pencil tourmaline. Mindat here includes a reference to Staggy Creek.

Photo courtesy of Jewellery Pirate. Coordinates: mE, mN. Placer deposit. Here is a list of other resources you will find interesting. Thank you, JP, for the photographs of Staggy Creek. An account of a visit by the Campelltown Lapidary Club here. All Travels website here. Unknown 22 February at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Wondering if anyone has looked in the creeks surounding sun valley near springwood.

Been reading up on it as its pretty close to homeapparently the valley is a exploded volcanic neck due the fact that its one huge basin there is very little chance of material going anywhere but back to the bottom?

Cant find any info at all on the web of anyone looking down there. Just curious to know if anyone has given it a look?.?.? Expect to be treated with extreme suspicion - not many leave the highway for Sun Vally. Not sure where you would look down there. I thought it was all pretty much privately owned. What isn't privately owned will surely be Nat.

I can pop down for a look if you like it's not very far from me. I am planning to take a walk through valley heights creek. It wraps around the public reserve which is basically on the very top of the diatreme from what i believe to begin with then see where i am able to access that isnt national pk or private owned.

Tumbarumba Gem Field

Have bush walked in Sun Valley. Sorry, even if you were able to go down metres you would probably not find any thing interesting. Euroka Clearing is the remains of another old vent.

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Local info coxsroaddreaming. That was the same paper i had read. The lapstone "rickabys creek" information really struck my intrest as well. I was bushwalking around Warrimoo near the overhead high power lines in the valley of the last bushfires looking at the regeneration and fossicking around. Any history on the geology of Warrimoo? After a severe rain the dry creek on South side of Warrimoo can gush with water for days as it runs towards Glenbrook.

fossicking blue mountains

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